Manifold Sets

Flow Meter Stainless Steel Manifold Sets

Our Flow Meter Stainless Steel Manifold Sets are an exceptional choice for efficient and precise control of underfloor heating systems. These sets consist of high-quality stainless steel manifolds equipped with flow meters, which allow you to easily monitor and regulate the flow rate of each individual circuit.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality: Our stainless steel manifolds are constructed using high-grade materials, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity.
  2. Flow Meters: Each manifold in the set is integrated with individual flow meters, providing accurate and real-time flow rate readings. This enables you to achieve optimal heat distribution and maintain desired room temperatures with precision.
  3. Circuit Control: The flow meters on each manifold allow for individual circuit control, giving you the flexibility to adjust the flow rate to specific areas or rooms as needed. This level of control ensures efficient heating and personalized comfort throughout your space.
  4. Visual Monitoring: The flow meters feature clear and easy-to-read displays, allowing you to monitor the flow rates at a glance. This visual feedback enables quick adjustments and fine-tuning to maintain the desired heating performance.
  5. Easy Installation: Our Flow Meter Stainless Steel Manifold Sets are designed for easy installation. Each set includes all the necessary components, such as shut-off valves, balancing valves, and connection fittings, making the installation process streamlined and efficient.
  6. Compatibility: These manifold sets are compatible with various underfloor heating systems and can accommodate both residential and commercial applications. They can be used with different pipe types and are suitable for both new installations and retrofit projects.

Flow Meter Stainless Steel Manifold Sets – Product Specifications:

Maximum Operating Pressure: Our Flow Meter Stainless Steel Manifold Sets can withstand a maximum operating pressure of 8 Bar, ensuring reliable and safe performance within this range.

Test Pressure: These manifold sets are rigorously tested to withstand pressures up to 13.52 Bar, guaranteeing their durability and integrity under demanding conditions.

Diameter: The manifold sets feature a 1″ diameter, providing ample space for optimal flow and distribution of heated water throughout the underfloor heating system.

Pipe Connection Ports: The manifold sets come with 3/4″ External Thread and 1″ Internal Thread pipe connection ports, offering compatibility with various pipe sizes and facilitating easy installation and connection.

Manifold Connection: The manifold sets are designed with 1″ Internal Thread manifold connections, ensuring secure and leak-free connections with other components of the underfloor heating system.

Maximum Operating Temperature: The stainless steel manifold can operate at a maximum temperature of 90°C, while the glass flow meters integrated into the manifold have a maximum operating temperature of 70°C. These temperature limits ensure the safe and reliable operation of the manifold set.

These specifications highlight the exceptional performance and reliability of our Flow Meter Stainless Steel Manifold Sets. With their robust construction, accurate flow measurement, and compatibility with various underfloor heating systems, these manifold sets provide efficient and precise control of your heating system.

Product Specifications
Maximum Operating Pressure8 Bar
Test Pressure13.52 Bar
Pipe Connection Ports3/4″ External Thread
Manifold Connection1″ Internal Thread
Maximum Operating TemperatureStainless Steel Manifold: 90°C
Flow Meters: 70°C

Haustherm Flow Meter Stainless Steel Manifold Sets are pre-assembled with the following components:

  1. Flow Metered Supply Manifold: Equipped with flow meters displaying a range of 0-5 l/min, this manifold ensures accurate measurement and control of flow rates. It is compatible with actuators and features a covered return manifold.
  2. 22mm Pipe Connection Port: Designed with a 22mm pipe connection port, allowing for easy integration with various pipe sizes commonly used in underfloor heating systems.
  3. 1″ Internal Thread Connection Port: The manifold includes a 1″ internal thread connection port, providing a secure and standardized connection point for other system components.
  4. Automatic Air Vent: An automatic air vent is integrated into the manifold, ensuring efficient and convenient removal of air from the system, minimizing the risk of airlocks and optimizing performance.
  5. Suspension and Clamp Set, Cap: The manifold set comes with a suspension and clamp set, facilitating easy installation and secure mounting. Additionally, it includes a cap for closing unused ports for future expansion.
  6. 10 Bar Pressure Gauge: The manifold is equipped with a 10 bar pressure gauge, allowing for easy monitoring and maintenance of the system’s pressure levels.
  7. Filling and Drainage Lines: The manifold set includes filling and drainage lines, enabling convenient filling and emptying of the system during installation, maintenance, or system adjustments.

These carefully selected components are pre-assembled in Haustherm Flow Meter Stainless Steel Manifold Sets, ensuring a comprehensive and convenient solution for underfloor heating systems.