We offer a range of accessories to complement and enhance underfloor heating systems. These accessories are designed to provide convenience, ease of installation, and optimal performance. Here are some of the accessories we provide:

Pipe Connection Coupling: The pipe connection coupling ensures secure and leak-free connections between underfloor heating pipes. It provides a reliable and easy-to-install solution for connecting pipes, ensuring proper flow and distribution of heated water throughout the system.

Cutting Valve Set: The cutting valve set allows for easy isolation and control of individual sections or zones in the underfloor heating system. With the cutting valve set, you can conveniently shut off or regulate the flow of heated water to specific areas as needed, providing flexibility and control over the system.

Edge Insulation Tape: The edge insulation tape is used to provide thermal insulation around the edges of the underfloor heating system. It helps to minimize heat loss, ensuring efficient heat distribution and preventing thermal bridging along the perimeter of the heated area.

Fixing Clips: Fixing clips, also known as c-clamps or retaining clips, are used to securely fasten underfloor heating pipes to the insulation layer or subfloor. These clips ensure proper positioning and stability of the pipes, preventing movement or displacement during installation and operation.

Elbow Fittings: Elbow fittings, also referred to as bend fittings, are used to create smooth bends and turns in underfloor heating pipe installations. These fittings provide flexibility in routing the pipes around obstacles or corners, ensuring a neat and efficient system layout.

Self-Leveling Compound: Self-leveling compound, also known as floor leveling compound, is used to create a smooth and even surface on which to install the underfloor heating system. It helps to correct any imperfections or unevenness in the subfloor, providing a suitable base for the system installation.

Insulation Boards: Insulation boards are used to provide additional insulation and thermal efficiency for underfloor heating systems. These boards are installed beneath the pipes to minimize heat loss and improve the overall performance of the system.

Manifold Cabinet: The manifold cabinet provides a dedicated enclosure for housing the underfloor heating manifold. It offers protection, organization, and easy access to the manifold components, ensuring a clean and well-organized installation.

These accessories are carefully selected to ensure compatibility, durability, and optimal performance in underfloor heating systems. They enhance the functionality and efficiency of the system, providing a complete solution for your underfloor heating needs.


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